Janover Ventures
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Our Values & Principles

If you’re going to work with us or for us, you should know what we’re about.

Values & Principles

It would be naive to expect that we can summarize everything that we do, all of our interactions, the basis for all of our audacious goals into a few key-values… or would it? The following doesn’t define every moment of our day so much as it sets the tone for everything we do. We’re building a tall tower, the tallest tower and as such, we have to lay a clear, and substantive foundation. The following is just that. It’s our guide. Our lighthouse. Our concrete foundation. Is this a bit dramatized? No. It’s what matters to us. Own a business? Like what we’ve laid out here? Copy it and use it. It’s our opinion that the world and economy would be a better place to work and grow if everyone believed some version of what we hold near and dear.

We Ask Questions

We firmly believe that better questions beget better answers. As such, we ask a lot of questions, building a machine that is constantly iterating. We’re curious, like children playing with blocks. We understand that what we know is simply a narrow field of view of what’s actually out there and we are constantly wondering and experimenting with how to get better as individual humans and an organization. We never do things just because that’s how it’s supposed to be done or that’s what we were told to do. We’re the kind of students that disrupt a classroom not because we are jerks but because we are full of wonder. We experiment, play with stuff, and try new things; in a constant effort to improve ourselves, our company, and elevate the people around us. We ask for help because we understand that two brains is two perspectives and that’s 2.5x more value than one brain (actual math may vary by human).

We Are Authentic

A no b.s. approach is at the center of all of our interactions. We are kind, generous, helpful, funny, friendly, but above all… authentic. We tell the truth. We rip the bandaid off and get down to business. We have fun with what we are doing and that positive attitude reflects in our work and our interaction with others. We elevate the mood, day, balance sheet, and awareness of those that we work with; colleagues, clients, lenders, and venders alike. We hold ourselves to the highest level of accountability and, to be fair, we expect the same of those we work with. We set monumental goals, and then knock them out of the damn park, as a team, one tiny step at a time, because our efforts compound like Warren Buffets investments. We do what we say we are going to do, when we’re going to do it. We accurately promise and over-deliver because that’s how it should work and because under-promising is dishonest, and dishonesty is the opposite of authenticity. We have a farmer’s work ethic. We bale hay (and by bale hay, I mean we build great user experiences across the real estate universe via digital media, technology and capital markets advisory services… pretty much, baling hay).

We Are Pros

We are pros, and we’re here to execute because that’s our job; to carefully craft best-in-class financial products for commercial real estate investors and to treat client assets like our own, because we believe in the vision, to feed our families, to elevate the folks around us and to deliver the best of client experiences. We operate in a small space, but will use it to make a better world, even if it’s incrementally. We move fast, and break stuff sometimes (nod to Zuck) but we don’t half-ass anything… we’re imperfect perfectionists with a bias towards action. We have a laser focus on detail with another on getting it done right, fast, and exponentially better than the next guy (dual-laser focus). We own our work and take radical responsibility for the outcomes we create, both good and bad. We’re having fun, but are deeply aware that our job is serious, and we take it seriously… because we are pros.