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Removing the frictions from commercial lending.

Providing technology-driven client acquisition and qualification services via expert capital market advisors and proprietary intelligent software. Receive meaningful, completely digital client applications from pre-vetted borrowers directly to your funnel.

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Client acquisition

At Janover Ventures, we have made it a point to make the internet work for us. It’s no secret that the most successful businesses have a respectable internet presence, and all it takes is a quick Google search to see who the big players are in any field. With that in mind, we’ve built a suite of educational websites that leverage the latest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to hold on to prime internet real estate (organic first-page positioning on search engine result pages) for a wide swath of multifamily, commercial real estate, and small business financing queries. As a result, our pages receive over 1 million visitors per year, many of which are optimal candidates for securing financing through our lender partners.

Client acquisition

Client qualification

We’ve removed most of the glaring frictions surrounding client qualification by creating an ecosystem that filters out the potential borrowers from the time-wasters. Through educational content that informs and empowers rather than simply pushing clients into the next steps with offers, our sites already answer many of the multitude of questions that would-be borrowers tend to ask. The investors that take it a step further, however, get digitally escorted through a data-driven, self-paced intelligent portal that not only collects the necessary information, but builds a beautiful, digital online application that is sent to our lender partners instantly for review. Our proprietary tech sorts each application, matching it to the most compatible lender given the qualifications of the borrower and the requirements of the lender and loan program, thus reducing wasted time and man hours.

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In order to simplify multifamily, commercial real estate, and small business lending and promote a seamless lending process for all parties, we’ve created a special portal that we hope will one day be the face of capital markets financing transactions. Our data-driven intelligent portal asks borrowers all of the right questions, securely storing data and documents while creating a digital profile and application. Borrowers can access this portal via smartphone, computer, or tablet, and work at their own pace within a streamlined and intuitive user interface that provides an unrivaled user experience. Completed applications are then passed through our proprietary analytics framework which is overseen by our expert capital markets advisors, and a crisp, clean digital package gets delivered to our lender partner who best fits the borrower’s needs.

Our team is democratizing and simplifying access to commercial property, multifamily and business financing while embracing technology and data to supercharge the experience for borrowers and lenders alike.
Blake Janover, CEO
Blake Janover

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