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We Provide Technology Enhanced, Frictionless, Non Recourse, Multifamily & Commercial Real Estate Lending.

Janover Ventures is Improving the Commercial Real Estate Borrowing Experience one Loan at a Time.

Multifamily & Commercial Real Estate Financing has Been a Black Box, Carefully Guarded by Wall Street. We’re opening it up to the world.

Janover Ventures is advancing real estate capital markets through industry-leading technology, digital innovation, educational content, and carefully curated lender and investor relationships.

About Us: Commercial Real Estate Capital Markets Advisors & Real Estate Technologists

Janover Ventures was founded by CEO Blake Janover, evolving from a mortgage brokerage in the early 2000s to a direct lender in 2003 when it was at the forefront of the industry by leveraging digital strategy and technology to service a broader spectrum of clients while providing deeper value on a transactional basis. This was in an age that hadn’t yet embraced even spreadsheets. The umbrella of companies grew organically across various verticals from capital markets to direct investments; real estate digital media; and technology. The core principles of Janover Ventures and its brands are that there are no substitutes for creativity, listening, innovation, integrity and transparency. The only thing static in our world is that it is dynamic, fluid and in a constant state of entropy. In 2018 Janover Ventures became an honorary member of the Forbes Real Estate Council as a derivative of their aggressive growth and deep value-add in the commercial real estate capital markets division. To learn more about our practices areas read below or email us at hello@janover.ventures.

The Platform

Capital Markets

The beating heart of Janover Ventures is, and always will be Capital Markets and Real Estate Advisory. The team has underwritten and arranged billions of dollars in commercial and multifamily property financing over the last two decades. An in-house team, backed by strategic partnerships with the largest institutions in the industry, has consistently provided industry leading execution, pricing and customer service for our clientele. For more info email capital@janover.ventures or visit janover.ventures/capital.


We are at the forefront of blending a deep understanding of technology and digital transformations with commercial real estate client-engagement, origination and underwriting. It’s an odd crossroads to be at, but we are looking for every opportunity to automate and improve the borrower experience. If you’d like to know more please contact us at digital@janover.ventures to discuss how narrowly conceived algorithms backed with thoughtful UX/UI and data aggregation can supercharge your debt origination, lending and investment strategy creating an insurmountable moat against future disrupters.

Our Brands

By thoughtfully curating vertically integrated, self-contained brands with extremely narrow focuses we have continued to dominate the first page of search engines and delight our audiences by providing clients with deeply valuable and educational content along with concierge level capital markets services, leveraging our in-house team of experts and joint ventures with some of the country’s leading capital markets providers. Brands under our umbrella include multifamily.loans, commercialrealestate.loans, cmbs.loans, hud.loans and many more. Visit janover.ventures/brands for more information.

Real Estate Investments

On a selective basis we invest in real estate with our own equity and on behalf of our clients. Among our current investments are a vacation rental portfolio in the Caribbean, 133 units in Coconut Grove, Miami and a developing single family portfolio in the Tampa market in Florida. We are actively pursuing distressed and non performing notes, REO and similar opportunities. We will also occasionally accept equity in lieu of fees on LP raises and complicated full-capital stack transactions.

Digital Media & Strategy

Outside of our platform which was built for the sole purpose of providing deep educational value to a fragmented commercial real estate capital markets industry, we have been working with a select group of clients including some of the largest commercial & multifamily mortgage lenders in the country on honing their client acquisition strategy along with full life-cycle nurturing, search engine optimization, analytics, digital marketing, online client engagement and attrition management. To discuss engagements email digital@janover.ventures.

Self-Serve Commercial Real Estate

Services surrounding commercial real estate loan origination and investment sales are evolving, but still far behind the residential curve, and all are ripe for some level of valuable shifting. We are actively building platforms to reduce and eventually eliminate brokerage fees from commercial property sales across the entire spectrum of commercial properties — from small buildings to institutional assets by creating an AI driven, self-serve system that cost fractions of traditional services but achieves multiples more.



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