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Submission Guidelines for Janover Ventures

Editorial Guidelines

Janover Ventures Editorial Guidelines

Our team is excited to partner with industry experts in order to educate our readers about important trends in commercial real estate while bolstering the online (and offline) reputation of our hand-selected writers and market experts. We work closely with writers to match them to the right sites in our digital media network ranging from commercial real estate finance sites to opportunity zone informational platforms. We work closely with our experts to decide where to place articles and how to position them to maximize positive impact for our audience, the writer, and ourselves. The following are some guidelines to adhere to when submitting an article. For information on some of our websites and brands, please check out our Brands and Digital Media Platform.

Submit articles to editor@janover.ventures.


  • Commercial Real Estate (and commercial real estate finance)

  • CMBS / Conduit Market

  • Multifamily Real Estate (and financing)

  • SBA financing (particularly as it relates to real estate)

  • Opportunity Zones

  • FHA Multifamily Financing

  • Cost Segregation

  • Crowdfunding Debt/Equity for Real Estate

  • And everything else derivative of Commercial & Multifamily Real Estate

General Guidelines:

  • Article length:

    • Minimum: 1,200 words

    • Target: 2,500+ words (we give highest priority to articles over 5,000 words).

  • The goal is to educate readers on complicated subject matters with well organized, helpful, detailed articles that share industry inside information that may be hard to come by on a Google search, or to provide a more clear and helpful picture of what is already out there.

  • No self-promotion; all potential conflicts of interest should be disclosed clearly

  • 100% unique content, articles should not be published elsewhere in any form

  • No spammy linking

  • All submissions should include headshots or photos, as appropriate

  • All submissions should include an author blurb

  • Articles should generally focus on the writer’s area of professional expertise and should not contain any inaccurate, derogatory, or otherwise inappropriate information

  • We have the right to accept or reject any submissions based upon what we believe would be of interest to our target audience.

  • We also have the right to modify and edit articles, within reason, for brevity, clarity, and accuracy.

Article Structure (Titles and Headings):

  • Create effective article titles that explain the content of the article (60 characters or less is ideal)

  • Article titles should be in Title Case

  • Use H1, H2, and H3 headings as appropriate

  • Each heading should also effectively explain and introduce the content below.

  • Include hyperlinks with appropriate anchor text when helpful to the reader.

Plagiarism and Crediting Sources:

  • All quotes and specific facts should be attributed to a specific source, with credit and links link(s) provided

  • If specific source cannot be found for a factual-sounding statement, make it clear that the fact is the author’s opinion

  • Use direct quotes sparingly, and always use quotation marks; no long or extended quotes

Legal Disclaimer:

  • Articles should not not violate any legal statutes or violate any individual’s right to privacy

  • Writers are liable for any legal claims that arise due to the publication of their work